Stall Holder Selection Criteria

2024 Carrington Fair

Carrington Fair aims to showcase the best of what the Macarthur and surrounding communities have to offer. Our stalls offer everything from handcrafted gifts, locally designed clothing, jewellery, art, holistic health and wellness products, as well as a range of other unique products that may be locally sourced, designed and created. A variety of catering options, both to enjoy at the Fair or to take home.

We do our best to ensure a variety of product ranges, however depending on goods sold, there may be some cross over between stall holders. Please note that no stall holder has exclusive or sole rights to sell any particular good and/or service.

We operate a local preference ideal and a preference for home-made or crafted goods. Handmade or locally sourced products are preferred over mass produced or globally available products. Preference will be given to stalls with a high standard of presentation and decoration.

Health and Wellbeing Products and Services

If you plan to provide a service in the market, (for example massage or reflexology) you will need to provide certification of relevant training and experience. Branded health products that are available in retail outlets or pharmacies are not encouraged.

Gifts, Fashion and Merchandise Products

Handmade, hand crafted or locally sourced products are favoured over imported products as we support local creative industries. We support local artists, artisans and creators wherever possible.

Food and Beverage Products

We support local growers under our local preference ideal. We support local artisan bakers and food producers. We aim to showcase the best of local produce for Fair visitors, and fresh and healthy options.

Goods that are offered for sale must not vary from those originally approved for each stall holder. Stall holders are prohibited from selling the following items: second hand electrical products, counterfeit goods, animals, poisonous products, prescription medication, illegal/offensive items, firearms, ammunitions, explosives, and weapons, dangerous goods of any kind, cigarettes/alcohol/drugs or raffle tickets.

Stalls may not be rented, transferred, or given to another stall holder if you are unable to attend the event. All stall holders must apply through the application process. We do not guarantee that your application will be approved. Carrington reserves the right to reject applications without explanation.