Respite Services
Respite care is defined as an alternative or supplementary care arrangement. The primary purpose is to give the carer a short-term break from the usual caring role or to add assistance with performance of the caring role.

A carer is a person such as a family member, friend or neighbour who provides regular, sustained care and assistance to another person without payment other than for possible receipt of a pension or a benefit.

Respite care is divided into direct respite services and indirect respite services, these are defined as:

Direct Respite Services: provide the carer with quality alternative care for the person for whom he/she is the primary carer. Alternative care may be provided in the home, suitable temporary accommodation or an appropriate community setting.

Indirect Respite Services: provide the carer with assistance which relieves the carer of tasks other than the caring role, for example, provision of a shopping, gardening or cleaning service.

There are two types of respite that operate within Carrington Community Care:

  • Short term overnight respite for up to 5 nights in our self-contained on site cottage or unit with 24 hour carer
  • In home respite – with a minimum of 3 hour blocks with a Carrington carer working in the client’s own home.


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