Thank you to all who purchased tickets for our Carrington Fair Raffle. We would like to congratulate the following winners:
1st Prize- Sheridan G (Ticket no. 6304)
2nd Prize- Chontelle S (Ticket no. 9166)
3rd Prize- Elizabeth T- (Ticket no. 0627)
4th Prize- Jodie D (Ticket no. 9207)
5th Prize- Jane + Ray W (Ticket no. 1915)
6th Prize- Maud M (Ticket no. 9739)
7th Prize- Margaret W- (Ticket no. 0722)
8th Prize- Tracey S (Ticket no. 0373)
Thankyou for your support and we hope to see you all in person next year at the 2022 Carrington Fair!