A Visit to Belgenny Farm

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We are very lucky to live in such a beautiful area that is rich with history from back when Australia was settled. Camden especially is a town that is brimming with interesting stories, historical figures, and sites. One such site is Belgenny Farm.

Established in 1805 by John and Elizabeth Macarthur, Belgenny Farm contains some of the earliest collections of colonial farm buildings in the whole of Australia. Today, the property at Belgenny Farm and it’s buildings serve as an educational centre, with direct links back to Australia’s rich agricultural history. It is also apparently an increasingly popular venue for weddings, business functions, and other private or community events.

Recently, some of our residents from Paling Court enjoyed a trip out to Belgenny Farm for the day, to get a taste of the ‘rural life’ that Camden is known for. It was a fantastic time for the residents, who were able to reminisce about their own experiences with farm life. Many of our residents were born and raised during a time when farming still played a large part in the fabric of the towns they grew up in.

Residents enjoyed the beautiful sunshine, and had a chance to see some of the farm animals. Many of the residents are very much looking forward to coming back in the future.

Paling Court Belgenny Farm_2  Paling Court Belgenny Farm_3


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