Australia Day

Our staff and residents always love to celebrate Australia Day together. Each of our facilities choose to celebrate the day a little earlier than usual, giving their residents the opportunity to come together and enjoy each other’s company while participating in various activities together.

Grasmere Terrace

This week, our staff from Grasmere Terrace conducted a number of activities to celebrate with their residents. A friendly game of trivia kicked off the program, with plenty of Australia related questions and facts thrown in. Many of our residents would have lived through quite a few of these historical events in the last century! A thong throwing competition was hotly contested, with prizes awarded to the winners. Following on from this was happy hour with drinks and nibbles included. The residents and staff had the chance to share their favourite Australian quotes and jokes that drew plenty of laughter!

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Werombi Court

Our very enthusiastic Werombi Court team made ‘Koala in a Creek’ and ‘Frog in a Pond’ jelly cups. These very tasty treats were quickly scooped up by staff and residents, with all funds raised going directly back to the residents. Trivia was also well attended, with some creative team names and very competitive rounds featuring Aussie slang, geography, and history.

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Paling Court

Our Paling Court residents also tried their hand at thong throwing, and made the most of the sunshine by having a quick kick around in one of the outside courtyards. The staff barbeque was also very popular!

IMG_0648  PC Aus Day_1  PC Aus Day_2

Mary Mackillop

Mary Mackillop’s staff were absolutely delighted to attend a barbeque hosted by the residents. One of the more popular events of the day was pancake throwing and balloon games, with staff and residents alike joining in on the fun. John Williamson featured heavily on the stereo, and residents had the chance to enjoy a morning tea of lamingtons and strawberry milkshakes.

Aus Day_5  Australia Day MM_2   Australia Day MM_1

A big thank you to our dedicated staff for making this time so enjoyable for our residents. From all of us here at Carrington, Happy Australia Day!


Horsing Around

Our residents from Werombi Court and Mary Mackillop recently had a wonderful visit from Christie Hall, a local horse owner. Christie runs her own business specialising in equine therapy, visiting aged care facilities and other organisations all over the area with her beautiful horsey friend, Bushman.

Christie and Bushman popped in to Carrington for a visit recently, with many residents quite surprised at the sudden appearance of Bushman, especially when he poked his head through different doors and windows! Many of our residents have either grown up around horses, owned horses, or have a background in various equestrian related activities. It was wonderful to see their reactions and watch them spend some time with Bushman.

Thank you to Christie and Bushman for your time! Our residents absolutely loved having you. Unfortunately Christie and Bushman couldn’t get around to all of our residents in the one visit. Christie and Bushman will be coming back to Carrington in early February, where our residents from Grasmere Terrace and Paling Court will no doubt be looking forward to spending some quality time with Bushman.

Pictured below are some of our Werombi Court and Mary Mackillop residents enjoying their visit with Bushman.

Horse Therapy_6  Horse Therapy_5  Horse Therapy_4  Horse Therapy_3  Horse Therapy_2  Horse Therapy_1

Mary Mackillop Residents Head Back To School

Here at Mary Mackillop we believe you are never to old to learn, so we decided to send eight residents back to school to experience how schools are run today compared to their own schooling experience, and the future technology.

Brenda Weiberle, Beulah Midson, Elaine Sampson, David Archer, Graham East, John Hurst, William Jooste, and Laura Stuckey all participated in the visit, and had the opportunity to take part in science, home economics, and computer classes with some of Magdalene’s Year 10 students.

We designed our school uniforms with the help of family members, to show our respect to the school rules.

Our morning at Magdalene Catholic High School commenced  a with morning tea, a meeting with the principal (during which school rules were outlined) and absorbing the play ground and beautiful school grounds.

First up was science class, so off we went with some nerves, but also a lot of excitement. It had been up to 80 years since some of the residents had been in a class room. Science class commenced with theory and an interesting lecture on acids and alkalines, then off we went for the practical.

Technology class offered a glimpse into the future, and our residents sat in awe watching flying drones run by an iPad and creating 3D images.

One resident commented that it was ‘unbelievable.’

For Graham East, the computer class was of particular interest- his cousin was the founding father of computer science, Alan Turing. Alan Turing was responsible for solving Enigma, the code that Hitler used during WWII. Mr Archer stated he wished he could live another 100 years to be part of  the future with technology.

Mr Archer stated he wished he could live another 100 years to be part of the future with technology.

We were treated to a beautiful lunch prepared by the Year 8 hospitality class. Graham shared grace and a prayer.

In music class (what talented students), residents were shown preparations of year 12 music exams. The band played, students sang and the noise level was raised with the drums.

The students of Magdalene displayed grace, patience and pride. At the end of each class the bell would sound. We moved from class room to class room being treated like royalty.

One resident stated that it was ‘The best day ever.’

On our return home residents shared their stories and were abuzz with the experience for days .

What a memorable day!  Thank you to Magdalene Catholic High School for their kindness and hospitality.


Our Residents very focused on their science theory

Our Residents very focused on their science theory

Patience respect and pride .

Patience respect and pride .

Looking into the future.

Looking into the future.

Were you listening and paying attention!!

Were you listening and paying attention!!

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Graham beats it up with the students.

Graham beats it up with the students.