Carrington Courier Newsletter
If you want to know what’s up and what’s on at Carrington – you go to the Carrington Courier.

The Carrington Courier newsletter commenced many years ago and was produced as a source of information for self-care residents of Carrington.  The current format of the newsletter, ‘Carrington Courier’ was taken on by two residents of Carrington – Gordon Stewart and Les Langston a few years back.  Both Gordon and Les have a background in the production of newspapers and they recognised the desire and the need to continue to report on the activities and happenings of the independent living residents at Carrington.

Today, The Carrington Courier continues as an internally produced newsletter that is about the residents and for the residents.  It covers a variety of articles from “Local History” through to “What’s happening at Carrington” as well as what’s happening in the local community.

The Courier communicates the Leisure and Lifestyle activities for the independent living residents, and special events held at Carrington such as the ANZAC Day service and also covers articles about residents, their travels and stories they would like to share about their lives.

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