Intergenerational Interactions with Elderslie Family Day Care

27.08.2019 Admin News No Comments

Our residents from Grasmere Terrace recently enjoyed a visit to the local Bunnings for their regular intergenerational program. This time, the residents had the opportunity to interact with the children from Elderslie Family Day Care.

This program allows us to bridge the gap between the two generations. Intergenerational programs are of huge benefit to both our seniors and the children, as they not only maintain connections to the local community, but have also proven to have positive effects on both young and old, including those living with dementia.

Our residents and the children were able to interact through spending time together reading story books, and playing with playdough.

We are looking forward to continuing with this intergenerational program!

Grasmere Terrace Early Learning_6  Grasmere Terrace Early Learning_5  Grasmere Terrace Early Learning_2

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