Frequently Asked Questions

What age do I have to be to live in Carrington's independent living village?

In accordance with the Retirement Village Act 1999, clients must be aged 55 years or older to live at Carrington.

What if I require assistance whilst living at Carrington in my independent living unit?

At Carrington we provide support so you are able to live the way you choose.  We offer a wide range of quality services including domestic duties, personal care and shopping.  These services are made via referral to our Community Care Team who will assess  your individual needs and package a service tailored for you to stay living independently.

Are there any hidden restrictions?

There are NO hidden restrictions. All information regarding Carrington is made available to you at all times.

Can I have visitors?

Yes, Carrington will now be your home; we encourage our residents to have visits from family and friends including casual overnight stays. The Carrington Recreation and Leisure Club and its facilities are available for use by all independent living residents and their guests.

Where do I park my car?

There are many car parking spaces available for you, your family and friends to visit.

Who maintains my gardens?

All of Carrington’s independent living units have their own garden areas. Our residents are encouraged to maintain these gardens to enhance the beauty of our community.  If you do not wish to or are unable to maintain your own garden area, our friendly and helpful gardening team will be happy to assist with planting of low maintenance shrubbery and will spray and mulch your garden as needed.

Can I have pets?

In line with the village rules adopted by the residents of Carrington we do not permit domestic pets permanently on the site other than a caged bird or fish.

What are Carrington's fees and charges?


The monthly charge covers all buildings, grounds and property repairs and maintenance, all insurances (other than contents) council and water rates.


Departure fees are payable on or after termination of the contract. Departure fees are calculated on a daily basis based on the ingoing contribution.


The ingoing contribution is refunded to you (or transferred to other accommodation at Carrington) less the non-refundable component.  A resident’s contract is completed with Carrington, which owns and operates the Village.


Once a prospective resident has been formally offered a unit:

  • The resident will be asked in writing to pay a 10% deposit on the full price of the unit.
  • The deposit is fully refundable, if the client changes their mind about occupying the unit, or they cannot find the money to pay for the unit.
  • The deposit secures the unit, and it is not made available to any other prospective resident for a period of three months from receipt of deposit.

What is the contract I enter into when I become an Independent Living resident?

The contract will be a residence agreement with Carrington which provides you with a license to occupy the accommodation selected by you. This contract will also include content relating to the fees and charges.

What if I require to be relocated into residential care?

If in the future you are unable to live independently and require higher levels of care, Carrington will ensure that you are first a priority in providing the care you need (depending on availability). These options will be assessed and discussed with you and your family as we tailor your care to meet your individual needs.

How do I join Carrington's waiting list for independent living?

For further assistance regarding Carrington’s Independent Living Units, please contact our Village Customer Service Coordinator at or phone (02) 4659 0590.

Alternatively, if you are not quite ready to purchase a unit but would like to go on to our waiting list we can provide an application form for you to complete.

Our waiting list is maintained by a `date of application’ priority, and an estimated date that you may want to become a resident in Carrington is required. As a vacant unit becomes available you may be contacted to ask if you are interested in viewing the unit at this time. If not, you will be contacted again as other units become available in the future.

It is highly recommended that if your circumstances change at any time that you contact us so we can make the appropriate changes.


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