Happy 30th Birthday to the Carrington Croquet Club

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We are always proud of the vibrant lifestyle that the residents in our retirement village lead. A big part of the village is the social aspect, but also the activity groups and clubs that residents attend. These groups and clubs are run by our residents, and hours of work go on behind the scenes to ensure that the clubs continue to run successfully for the enjoyment of all of our village residents.

Perhaps the oldest club currently at Carrington is the Croquet Club. They recently celebrated their 30th Birthday, which is an absolutely incredible milestone. Members enjoyed a lunch, and handed out Certificates of Appreciation to those members who have had a particular impact on the club over the years. Chief Executive Raad Richards also was in attendance, and congratulated the club on the successful milestone. The cake baked by our head chef Paul was also very well received!

It is thought that Croquet was played at Carrington as early as 1985, however the first official meeting of the club was not held until 1988. It is said that Carrington’s Gardener and Fire Officer Fred Conyers taught some of the early players how to play ‘golf croquet’, now fondly known as ‘Carrington Rules.’ This more simplified version of croquet was readily adopted by the small group, and although the format of the game has been modified over the years, it still prevails to this present day.

At some stage, a group of players from Berry, NSW visited the Carrington players to teach members how to play official croquet, however the game never took on at Carrington!

As Carrington grew with the establishment of more independent living units, so to did the Croquet Club. While the club in it’s original form had 25 members, it now boasts over 57. In 2001, the club became more formalised, and an operating committee was elected to ensure the continuing prosperity of the group.

The group plays on it’s own croquet green, with a shed available for members to socialise in between games. The group recently introduced twilight games during the summer months, which are always very well attended by those in the village.

Over the past 30 years, it is said that over 120 residents have enjoyed Croquet Club membership. We applaud the Croquet Club for their continued dedication to making the game such a success among our residents, and wish them all the best for future prosperity.

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