Dye Hard Fun Run

A team of Carrington staff entered the Dye Hard Fun Run to support the Kids of Macarthur Health Foundation Fundraiser on Sunday 26th March 2017.

Staff from Hotel Services, Residential Care, Leaning and Development, Finance and Administration  enjoyed the challenge of running the gauntlet through a number of ‘Dye Runs’ along the 5klm course.

Special thanks to all that participated in a very worthwhile cause, well done Carrington!

Dye Hard Fun Run (34)

Warming up with some Zumba prior to the race

Dye Hard Fun Run (23)Dye Hard Fun Run (25)

Rosie, Kim & Marianna

Dye Hard Fun Run (28)   Pat and Marianna

Dye Hard Fun Run (22)Dye Hard Fun Run (32)

Melissa, Lisa, Katherine & Pat                                   Mel and Ashleigh







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