COVID-19 Update- Gradual Relaxation of Visitor Restrictions

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From Tuesday 6th October 2020, families will be able to visit our facilities as follows:

  1. Visiting will be Monday-Friday only.
  2. Two family members by appointment only may visit a resident for a period of one hour between 10.00am-4.00pm to avoid overcrowding within the facility.
  3. Three residents only are to be visited in the one hour period.
  4. Any visitors are to register their visit by making an appointment via the Facility Manager or Administration Assistant of the facility in which their loved one residents.
  5. All visitors must wear a mask for the duration of their visit. Without a mask visitors will not be allowed entry.
  6. Visitors will complete screening questions on entry to the facility.
  7. Visitors must provide evidence of having received their flu vaccine in 2020.

The use of technology to assist with connecting families and their loved ones will continue- families can make a booking using the current method (via the Administration Assistant). Special arrangements will continue to be made for family members (by appointment) to visit their loved one who is palliative or if there has been a long standing arrangement to assist with the care of their loved one.

The safety of our residents and staff remain paramount through safe care practices of high level of hand hygiene both at the personal level and the facility level, together with wearing a mask so that we are assured in continuing to keep our staff and residents safe.

Families are requested to adhere to these strict protocols outlined above as we are not completely out of the woods, and respect the safety of others.

We thank you for your support and understanding and we will continue to monitor the new visiting situation. Should you require further clarification on any of the above points we encourage you to touch base with the facility in which your loved one resides directly.

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