Country Plus Band Christmas Concert at Mary Mackillop

15.12.2016 Admin News 1 Comment

On Saturday 10th December 2016 residents and staff enjoyed a Christmas celebration concert performed members of the Country Plus band.

Staff were delighted to join in the performance for the merriment and pleasure of residents.

The members of the Country Plus band have been performing for the delight of residents for many years at Carrington.

Carrington appreciates the voluntary commitment on behalf of residents provided by Country Plus band.

Staff of Mary Mackillop facility

Staff of Mary Mackillop facility joined with band members on the day. Santa (Jeffrey) enjoyed the entertaining other residents.

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  1. wonderful to see the staff and residents all enjoying themselves and getting involved in the Christmas spirit, what a great team in Mary MacKillop. makes me proud to say that I am part of Mary MacKillop 🙂

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