Blue Mountains Outing

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Our residents from Mary Mackillop recently had a wonderful day at the Blue Mountains. Despite the chilly weather, the residents and accompanying staff members had the opportunity to enjoy a packed lunch of sandwiches and desserts.

Nature put on a real show for the group, thanks in part to the chilly weather on the day! One minute you could clearly see the Three Sisters and the surrounding escarpments, the next minute they were covered by wispy clouds! The opportunity to take a couple of snaps came around a few minutes later, when the clouds suddenly parted once more.

Some of the residents had never seen the Three Sisters before, so it was a great opportunity to learn more about Australia’s strong Aboriginal Heritage. Many described the beautiful formation as breathtaking and awe inspiring.

Mary Mac Blue Mountains_6  Mary Mac Blue Mountains_5  Mary Mac Blue Mountains_4

Mary Mac Blue Mountains_3 Mary Mac Blue Mountains_2 Mary Mac Blue Mountains_1


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