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A Dream Come True

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John has been a South Sydney Rabbitohs supporter for 82 years. At the age of 91 years old he has never had the opportunity to meet the team before.

Luckily, a family member of one of our staff works for Fujitsu General Australia, who is a major sponsor of the Rabbitohs. As the football season drew to a close for the year, the team would often attend functions for fundraising purposes. One such function was with the Fujitsu Group, who held a BBQ lunch with the team, staff, and families at the Fujitsu head office at Eastern Creek.

Once this opportunity presented itself, we worked with the family member to include John on the invitation to the BBQ. Fujitsu were kind enough to agree to this request, and were very happy for John to attend. Julie Barry, the Care Service Manager at Mary Mackillop, asked John to join her for a few hours on the day of the BBQ for an outing. She asked him if he would like to meet the Rabbitohs team. John undoubtedly thought that she mucking around but once she produced the invitation he was very excited.

The whole Rabbitoh’s team were at the BBQ, which was a dream come true for John. He had lunch with Sam Burgess and Greg Inglis, and spent the afternoon meeting the rest of the team, who willingly posed for pictures with John, signed his hat, and talked to him about the team- a few of them were in disbelief about just how long John had been supporting them!

A major highlight of the day was the team photo (which John was asked to join), and the presentation of an autographed playing ball for John to keep as a memento.

We would like to extend a big thank you to Fujitsu Australia for allowing us to attend, and the Rabbitohs players for the support and kindness shown towards John on the day. It was wonderful to see his dream come true.

You can check out John on the official South Sydney Website where he is featured in many photos that were taken on that day.

John was so happy about his day out that he presented a talk about his experience to the other Mary Mackillop residents during the monthly Resident Meeting.


John Being asked to have photo with Rabbitohs team

John Being asked to have photo with Rabbitohs team

John and Grace get a chance to meet Sam Burgess and get a photo with their favourite player

John and Grace get a chance to meet Sam Burgess and get a photo with their favourite player

John heading out with Julie and Grace to meet the Rabbitohs day

John heading out with Julie and Grace to meet the Rabbitohs day


Daffodil Day – Werombi Court

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August is the perfect time for Daffodils! On August 25th, staff, residents and families were given the opportunity to support the Cancer Council through celebrating  Daffodil Day. One of our staff grew some Daffodils, which was given to these ladies to bunch up and sell.

Pictured here is Betty and June, our green thumbs of Rose House. Betty and June have spent many years gardening and did a marvelous job at dividing bunches and tying string around them.

George was given the trusty job of heading up to Carrington House to sell the bunches of Daffodils. He did a marvelous job, selling every single bunch! He tells us that it must be his charm and good looks…

Thank you for supporting the Cancer Council this Daffodil Day. Merchandise is still for sale in Main Administration with Sandra. You are also able to order fresh cut bunches of Daffodils from the Leisure and Lifestyle Team at Werombi Court. Pop on in and come and say hi!

June and Betty with our home grown Daffodils.

June and Betty with our home grown Daffodils.

Happiness Blooms from Within

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The Residents with dementia are engaging in a meaningful activity that stimulates their senses,

It encourages reminiscence about past experiences with flowers such as receiving flowers , wedding bouquets , Gardening  and picking flowers for arrangements in their own homes .

We have many residents who were florists and like to share tips with other residents like putting lemonade in a vase of flowers that are looking wilted to freshen them up  and placing stems at different angles to form a nice bouquet of flowers  .

Enid arranging flowers

Enid arranging flowers

Mary looking over flowers

Mary looking over flowers

Norma is proud of the finish product

Norma is proud of the finish product

Have a Break, Have a Kit Kat

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Every Tuesday morning, residents from Werombi Court walk down to the old bowling green to enjoy this beautiful weather we have been getting! If we are lucky, we may even get a visit from our two duck friends in the fountain. With all this sunshine about, we are hoping that the parrots will be back soon to keep us company.

Upon arrival to the bowling green, John Downing shoots off with all the memories of his classic wins during his days of lawn bowls. Meanwhile, Doug is standing in the background with a quiet reassurance of his bowling skills. George is always confident that his “good looks” will help him win, whilst all the staff cheer for Team Maureen who happens to be a bowling meister!

Once the hard work is done, the resident enjoy sitting in the sun with a hot chocolate and a Kit Kat. If you ever see us all sitting in the sun on a Tuesday Morning, be sure to give us a wave and a smile!

Residents from Werombi Court enjoying some sunshine and refreshments during "Walking Group"

Residents from Werombi Court enjoying some sunshine and refreshments during “Walking Group”

Steve Mortimer visits Mary Mackillop

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Residents of Mary Mackillop were delighted to have special guest, former Bulldogs football player  Steve Mortimer and his son Andrew come to spend the morning sharing  tips on playing the game of shoot and shuffle.

Shoot and shuffle is a popular and social game played here at Mary Mackillop where residents compete for the title of champion player, Steve shared his experience and gave inside tips of how to play.

The morning followed on with morning tea where Steve and Andrew met residents of the  footy tipping competition.

Jeffery a mad bulldogs supporter couldn’t believe his eyes when Steve introduced himself  and gave him a Bull dogs hat.

Learning the game of shoot and shuffle - Listening intently

Learning the game of shoot and shuffle – Listening intently

Hello have we met? Do I know You?

Hello have we met?
Do I know You?

I love this game - Meet my new mates

I love this game – Meet my new mates

Jeffery meets his Bulldogs superstar - Like my new hat?

Jeffery meets his Bulldogs superstar – Like my new hat?


Rejuvenating facials and makeup

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Paling court Care Recipients sat back and relaxed during a luxurious facial and make up session provided by beauty consultant Veronika and Leisure and Lifetyle staff .

Facials are amazing for relaxing your senses aswell as your skin , Residents commented their skin felt rejuvenated .

After a facial residents were treated to a Makeover to enhance their Natural Beauty .

Nancy Before

Nancy Before

Nancy After

Nancy After

Margaret Before

Margaret Before

Margaret After

Margaret After

Noeline Before

Noeline Before

Noeline After

Noeline After

The Freedom of Movement

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Paling Court care recipients attending their weekly group swimming session at the Carrington Recreational Club which is run by our Exercise Physiologist, Christina and Leisure and Lifestyle staff .

The program is thoroughly enjoyed by all care recipients who attend for many reasons including the freedom of movement whilst in the pool and being treated to a relaxing spa.

May17.PC1.Fred Pearson

Fred practicing some Functional Resistance Exercises

May17.PC2.George Elliot

George enjoying the Freedom of movement in the pool

May17.PC3. Alan & Flora Sinclair

Alan and Flora Relaxing in the spa after an exercise session in the pool.

Beauty Group and Pampering

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A sensory journey for our ladies of Mary Mackillop

Residents indicated to our Leisure and Lifestyle staff that they would like some pampering time through beauty regimes.

As a result staff asked them would they be interested in having a get together regularly for a pamper afternoon where they can feel pampered and special and laugh together, talk and enjoy each other’s company, over a champagne of course.

We are fortunate enough to also have the assistance of our residents’ daughters. We are so lucky to have family who want to be involved and stay in touch with our community.

MM may17 image2

Using our own home grown vegetables for beauty – thanks to our men who help grew the cucumbers and strawberries

MM may17 image3

Val enjoying the pampering

MM may17 image1

Care recipients feeling relaxed while being pampered  by the Leisure & Lifestyle team.

Touch – Enjoying the facial massages

Smell – Beautiful smell from the fragrances

Sight – Seeing each other have fun

Hear – Hearing each other laughing

Taste – mmmm champagne and strawberries- lovely.


A Way to a Man’s Heart?

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Rocksalt Lunch Outing

Ken Rocksalt

Ken enjoying some well deserved fish & Chips after a hard morning’s work of exercise class

The residents of Werombi Court like to make the most of this beautiful weather by going down to Rocksalt for lunch.

Pictured here is Kenneth Robinson of Parry House, who is enjoying his standard favourite, fish and chips and a cold beer.

Ken enjoys walking down to Rocksalt as he sometimes spends some time sitting at the ANZAC fountain and reflecting on the sacrifice made by these men.

Ken also appreciates the opportunity to get out into a different environment and meet other people from different facilities, families and communities.

Pop down to Rocksalt at lunch time on a Wednesday and come and say hi!

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