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A visit with Elderslie Early Learning Centre

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Our Grasmere Terrace facility are very proud of their partnership with Elderslie Early Learning Centre. There have been many studies that demonstrate the benefits that intergenerational interaction can have not just for the elderly, but also for our younger citizens as well.

Once a month our residents go to visit Elderslie Early Learning to engage with the children, participate in activities, and share a lunch meal with the children.

Not only is it a great way for our residents to continue having ties to the local community through these outings, but the activity also serves as a reminiscence exercise, where our residents can reflect on their own childhood, and share what life was like when they were growing up.

Thank you to Elderslie Early Learning Centre for embracing this partnership and being so kind and welcoming to our residents. Pictured below are some of our Grasmere Terrace residents participating in various activities with the children of the Elderslie Early Learning Centre.

Grasmere Terrace Preschool_8  Grasmere Terrace Preschool_7   Grasmere Terrace Preschool_6  Grasmere Terrace Preschool_5Grasmere Terrace Preschool_4

Grasmere Terrace Preschool_3  Grasmere Terrace Preschool_2

Aroma Touch at Werombi Court

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Werombi Court have recently introduced an Aroma Touch program for their residents. Our Werombi Court Leisure and Lifestyle staff were trained by Fiona Jones, and were taught to use different scents and smells to provide a sensory experience for the residents.

The staff were also taught how to use a singing bowl, which has been used for centuries as a meditative and relaxation tool in various cultures around the world.

The residents have very much embraced the new program. They have enjoyed the comforting and relaxing effects of aroma touch, with residents able to choose their own scent for their own experience. It has been a great experience for the residents as a relaxation and reminiscence activity. Staff have also been loving the one on one aspect of this activity and are looking forward to continuing this special program with the residents.

Werombi Court Aroma Touch_1

Oktoberfest Celebrations at Werombi Court

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Our residents, family members, and staff very much enjoyed celebrating Oktoberfest this week, a traditional German celebration. While the origins of Oktoberfest are uncertain, it is now an 18 day festival celebrated by six million people celebrating the event in Germany alone.

Our Leisure and Lifestyle cooked traditional food for the residents, including Pretzels and Black Forest Pudding. To further immerse themselves in the German Culture, a ‘Travel to Germany’ documentary was shown.

The residents are looking forward to continuing their cultural explorations next month with a special ‘Malta Day’.

Oktoberfest Werombi Court_5  Oktoberfest Werombi Court_4    Oktoberfest Werombi Court_3  Oktoberfest Werombi Court_2  Oktoberfest Werombi Court_1

Mary Mackillop Family Day

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It was great to see families and friends from Camellia down in our Mary Mackillop facility come together for family day recently.

This day is an annual event organised by staff in the facility- we were in luck with the weather this year! This year’s event featured clowns dressed up to entertain the residents, and Jye, one of our music therapy students brought along some musical instruments for a sing along. It was wonderful to see residents and families participate in this very special activity.

What a day it was! We had 26 family members dancing in a congo line through the Carrington grounds, catching bubbles around the courtyard, and enjoying a picnic lunch with their loved ones in our beautiful gardens.

It was great seeing the family and residents try and guess who it was beneath the clown costumes- a big thank you to Bob from our Village who gave his time to be there on the day, as well as Julie Barry, our facility manager, and nursing staff Therese and Anna.

Mary Mackillop Family Day_6  Mary Mackillop Family Day_5  Mary Mackillop Family Day_3  Mary Mackillop Family Day_2



Music Therapy at Grasmere Terrace

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The music therapy programs at Grasmere Terrace provide residents with live music making and singing to support their physical, emotional and cognitive needs. Residents either receive group or individual sessions that improve socialisation, reduce anxiety and give them a creative outlet.

A 1-hour group session is run each week at Macarthur where residents are engaged in various activities and interventions playing drums, hand percussion, singing from printed lyrics and relaxing to classical songs. Residents who are unable to attend a group are met in their room and actively involved in individual sessions to songs they choose or are most familiar with.

The music therapy students that run these sessions are in their final year of study at Western Sydney University of the Master of Creative Music Therapy and will definitely miss all the great residents and staff at Carrington.

Music Therapy Website_3  Music Therapy Website_2  Music Therapy Website_1

A Testimonial…

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We have recently had the pleasure of receiving a wonderful testimonial from one of our Independent Living Residents, Graham Shelley-Jones.

In full the testimonial reads:

“I applaud the royal commission into aged care, but I plead for a degree of calm as we delve into one of the most emotional areas of our society. As a husband who has had to commit to his wife of 55 years to an aged care facility, I am qualified to offer an opinion. I am delighted to say that she is in the best of places and receiving a very high standard of care. 

I am sure we will uncover horror stories as we dig deeply into various facilities around Australia. But I ask for some thought to be spared for a very large group of nurses and carers who carry out their demanding and challenging duties every day of the week. Their grace, genuine care, and even love for their patients is an absolute joy to behold, and I am so very grateful to them. 

Yes, there are a few rotten eggs, but let’s keep things in perspective as we trawl through the industry and, if possible, let us encourage further improvements for everyone.”

Thank you Graham, for your testimonial!

Carrington vs Magdalene Shoot and Shuffle

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On Tuesday the 28th August the residents from Mary MacKillop had the opportunity to compete with Magdalene high school students in a shoot and shuffle competition. The event was filmed by Channel 7 News  and it appear in the local news paper next week.

The residents thoroughly enjoy participating in shoot and shuffle weekly at Mary MacKillop using their skills and maintaining their hand and eye coordination. The residents were a great challenge for the students and it came down to the wire. Both teams were neck and neck and then a Magdalene student hit one of Carrington’s pucks off the board to give Magdalene the win and the trophy.

The residents described the day as wonderful and exciting and they look forward to the next challenge for a chance to win the trophy- we are hoping to make this a regular occurrence with Magdalene students.  

Many thanks to Steve and Andrew Mortimer from Australian Shuffleboard who organised, ran and refereed the competition.

Thank you also to Magdalene High School for their hospitality and ongoing support in bridging the gap between generations.

Mary Mackillop Shoot and Shuffle_3  Mary Mackillop Shoot and Shuffle_1


EDIE Training

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Carrington has partnered with Dementia Australia to provide our staff with the latest training in dementia.

Enabling EDIE uses virtual reality technology to enhance staff member’s knowledge of the impact of dementia and to develop a support plan that enables ‘Edie’ and his wife to live more confidently with dementia.

The aim of this workshop is to better understand dementia from the perspective of the consumer through an Educational Dementia Immersive Experience (Enabling EDIE). This three hour workshop introduces a ‘enablement’ approach, focusing positively on what people can do, given appropriate support, and on the possibilities for living well with dementia.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the session students will understand:

  • a consumer’s perspective of dementia
  • how to identify support needs in partnership with the client and their carer
  • how to develop a dementia support plan that focuses on enabling a person living with dementia

Staff feedback was extremely positive and all felt they understood how to care for a resident and support their families more effectively.

EDIE Class_1

A Visit With Elderslie Early Learning Centre

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Recently, our residents from Grasmere Terrace attended the Elderslie Early Learning Day Care Centre to meet the young generation of today, joining in on various activities including: The making of play dough, one on one interaction with the children, drawing/arts and craft, and making dog biscuits together- which are then donated to the Rossmore Animal Facility.

The residents very much enjoy interacting with those from younger generations. The team at Grasmere Terrace are hoping to make these visits regular ones, with many of the residents already asking when they will be returning.

Thank you to Elderslie Early Learning for having us!

Grasmere Terrace Elderslie_1  Grasmere Terrace Elderslie_2


Spirituality in Aged Care Leader’s Manual Launch

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On Wed 8 August 2018, Meaningful Ageing Australia launched their latest high quality resource: the Spirituality in Aged Care Professional Development Program Leader’s Manual.

Aged care in Australia is changing. This program assists organisations to engage all staff in understanding spirituality as more than religion, and to build their sensitivity and capability to respond to each person’s spiritual need.

When the board chair of Meaningful Ageing, Ross Low, launched the resource, he said, “Meaningful Ageing Australia helps organisations understand and respond to the pastoral and spiritual needs of older people. In a time when there are so many sad stories circulating about aged care, we are ensuring that organisations are being equipped to build more and more positive aged care stories. Stories where each older person can say ‘They knew me, they understood what mattered most, and I could trust them’.

As this resource is used around Australia:

  • May staff in aged care feel encouraged and equipped
  • May older people feel truly seen and heard
  • And may the Australian community feel more confident in the quality of care we are offering their loved ones.”

Carrington is proud to support the important work of Meaningful Ageing Australia, in particular with the involvement of Raad Richards, Carrington’s Chief Executive’s participation on their board.

Raad Facebook Post

Pictured L-R Meaningful Ageing board members and CEO at the launch

Back row: John Ireland, Mark Butler, Ross Low, Sonya Smart

Front row: Bryan Mason, Ilsa Hampton (CEO), Craig Hamer, Raad Richards