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State of Origin Commiserations

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To celebrate Game III of State of Origin, our residents at Carrington enjoyed a hot pie for lunch recently.

Pictured here are Brittany and Maureen, one of our residents here at Carrington. Maureen is celebrating a successful series campaign for Team NSW, while Brittany is mourning the outcome of the series for the Maroons. The kitchen at Carrington has always been wonderful when it comes to catering to all of the different festive events being celebrated throughout the year.

From pancakes on Shrove Tuesday, to Chinese on Chinese New Year, all sorts of tasty treats are highly anticipated and very much welcomed by the residents at Carrington.

Werombi State of Origin

A Very Special 100th Birthday

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We recently had the pleasure of celebrating a special milestone with one of our longest standing volunteers. Earlier this month Sheila Murdoch celebrated her 100th Birthday- she has been volunteering with us at Carrington for 60 years.

Even after reaching this special milestone, Sheila has no plans of slowing down. Sheila plays the piano every Friday in one of our four residential care facilities, where she is joined by others in the music group she plays in known as ‘The Melody Makers.’

Sheila considers playing the piano as pure enjoyment for her- she grew up in a musical family and still recalls learning the piano from her mother, and another teacher back in the 1930’s.

Sheila has said that there is no big secret to reaching 100- she has been amazed by the advances that she has seen in medicine, telecommunications, technology, and science over the past 100 years.

Carrington marked the special occasion with morning tea at Paling Court for Sheila, along with a delicious cake, some flowers, and a special commemorative plaque to highlight her achievements in volunteering.

Happy 100th Birthday Sheila, and best wishes for the years ahead!

Sheila Murdoch 100 Birthday_1

Photo Credit: Simon Bennett, Fairfax Media 



Blue Mountains Outing

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Our residents from Mary Mackillop recently had a wonderful day at the Blue Mountains. Despite the chilly weather, the residents and accompanying staff members had the opportunity to enjoy a packed lunch of sandwiches and desserts.

Nature put on a real show for the group, thanks in part to the chilly weather on the day! One minute you could clearly see the Three Sisters and the surrounding escarpments, the next minute they were covered by wispy clouds! The opportunity to take a couple of snaps came around a few minutes later, when the clouds suddenly parted once more.

Some of the residents had never seen the Three Sisters before, so it was a great opportunity to learn more about Australia’s strong Aboriginal Heritage. Many described the beautiful formation as breathtaking and awe inspiring.

Mary Mac Blue Mountains_6  Mary Mac Blue Mountains_5  Mary Mac Blue Mountains_4

Mary Mac Blue Mountains_3 Mary Mac Blue Mountains_2 Mary Mac Blue Mountains_1


Hand and Nail Care at Werombi Court

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The residents of Werombi Court always look forward to their Wednesday morning pamper sessions.

Karen is a qualified beautician who generously volunteers her time to provide some pampering to our residents. Pictured here is Nancy and Karen, catching up over a cup of tea and a shiny new coat of nail polish.

Both men and women enjoy manicures, hand and arm massages, and the ladies always look forward to a fresh coat of nail polish. This is a wonderful opportunity for the residents to socialise and make new friends with people in the community. They always look forward to a new face and friend.

A big thank you to Karen, whose bright and cheery disposition brings such happiness to our residents each week!

Werombi Court Hand and Nail_1

Avon at Grasmere Terrace

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First established in 1886, Avon Cosmetics has been empowering women for over 130 years. Sadly, quite recently Avon has announced it’s decision to close operations in Australia and New Zealand in 2018.

Avon and Carrington have had a long standing relationship. Recognising this, recently Grasmere Terrace had one last Avon sale, giving their residents from our retirement village and from Grasmere Terrace facility the opportunity to purchase some last time offers on products and skin care. Giving our residents the opportunity to purchase external goods for their own personal use has always remained important to us.

A big thank you to Kim Scholte for making these fantastic products available for our residents.



IMG_0851  IMG_0850  IMG_0849  IMG_0846  IMG_0845

Morning Melodies at Campbelltown Catholic Club

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Morning Melodies at the Campbelltown Catholic Club is a regular fixture on the Leisure and Lifestyle program down at Mary Mackillop. Earlier this month, 21 residents from the facility attended the latest concert. This concert in particular was a special occasion, as Rowena, a staff member from Mary Mackillop was the first act of the morning.

Rowena was mesmerising with her classic tunes, and you could have heard a pin drop as the whole audience watched in awe. Our residents were very much amazed by her talent!

Rowena was followed by Joey Fimmano who wowed the crowd with his talents on piano and the accordion. Afterwards, the residents were able to enjoy a 2 course lunch at the club- it was a great morning out for all.

Mary Mac Website_5  Mary Mac Website_3  Mary Mac Website Story_2  Mary Mac Website Story_1

What is My Aged Care?

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What is My Aged Care?

Over the next few weeks we will be doing a series of educational posts designed to provide information about My Aged Care, and how you can access those services.

My Aged Care was introduced in 2013 by the Australian Federal Government, and serves as the main entry point to the aged care system in Australia (for both residential care, and getting extra help to stay at home). My Aged Care aims to make it easier for older people, their families, and carers to access information on ageing and aged care.

My Aged Care consists of the website (, and the My Aged Care contact centre on 1800 200 422.

My Aged Care currently provides:

1. Information about aged care to consumers, family members, and carers
2. Information for service providers
3. Online service finders that provide information about aged care providers and assessors
4. Online fee estimators for pricing on home care packages and residential care.

We know how hard it can be to navigate the aged care system for the first time. Carrington’s Customer Service Team can help you get started with My Aged Care. Call us on 1300 590 590 today.

Armchair Travel To Africa

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Staff at Paling Court have recently started a new activity with their residents- they are calling it armchair travel, which involves the residents and accompanying staff members immersing themselves in the culture of a particular country. Usually, the country that is chosen is one that one of the residents has a strong connection with through their heritage and family.

This month, the country of choice was South Africa. Residents were given their very own passports to travel with, and staff had food samples for residents to experience some of the traditional meals served on the African Continent, and South Africa. Fat Cake, Fizzers, Roobois, Koeksisters, and Wine Gums were all on offer for our residents and staff to try.

Some of the residents chose to wear a traditional head piece, and enjoyed listening to the beating drums of traditional African music. Mary, one of our residents from South Africa also had a conversation in Zulu with one of our staff members who also has African Heritage.

PC Armchair Travel_7  PC Armchair Travel_6  PC Armchair Travel_2  PC Armchair Travel_3  PC Armchair Travel_1


Teen Ranch Outing

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The residents of Mary Mackillop enjoyed a great day out at Teen Ranch Cobbitty, where they were greeted with a lovely morning tea of scones with jam and cream provided by staff.

The purpose of the day was so that staff and residents could bond with each other outside of the facility, while partaking in some out of the ordinary activities together. Both residents and staff enjoyed a ride on the flying fox, although many struggled with hitting that elusive bulls eye during the archery activity!

A particular highlight of the day was the opportunity to groom and feed some of the beautiful horses that Teen Ranch keep on their property. With many of our residents having a background with horses, it was wonderful to see them interact so positively with the animals.

We would like to extend a big thank you to all the wonderful staff at Teen Ranch for providing such a great experience for our staff and residents- it truly was a memorable day.

MM Teen Ranch_5  MM Teen Ranch_4  MM Teen Ranch_3  MM Teen Ranch_2


Ma and Pa’s Fashion

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Ma & Pa’s Fashions is an external business run by Robyn Thomas. She has been providing a service to Carrington for over 10 years selling discounted clothing and accessories suitable for both male and female residents who live in our four residential care facilities. 

Residents look forward to seeing Robyn and purchasing clothing that residents may not be able to access so easily in the community. Robyn also donates vouchers for the leisure and lifestyle team to raffle off to the residents and family within Grasmere Terrace.

Should you wish to utilise Robyn’s services, she can be contacted on 0405 455 377. Thank you Robyn for your time and your generosity to our residents! 

GT Ma's and Pa's_4   GT Ma's and Pa's_3  GT Ma's and Pa's_1


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