Armchair Travel To Africa

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Staff at Paling Court have recently started a new activity with their residents- they are calling it armchair travel, which involves the residents and accompanying staff members immersing themselves in the culture of a particular country. Usually, the country that is chosen is one that one of the residents has a strong connection with through their heritage and family.

This month, the country of choice was South Africa. Residents were given their very own passports to travel with, and staff had food samples for residents to experience some of the traditional meals served on the African Continent, and South Africa. Fat Cake, Fizzers, Roobois, Koeksisters, and Wine Gums were all on offer for our residents and staff to try.

Some of the residents chose to wear a traditional head piece, and enjoyed listening to the beating drums of traditional African music. Mary, one of our residents from South Africa also had a conversation in Zulu with one of our staff members who also has African Heritage.

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