An afternoon spent baking…

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We already know that music can play such a huge role in reminiscence, but did you know that our sense of smell can also evoke certain memories?

Residents and staff from Paling Court recently spent the afternoon coming together to bake mini cherry pies. All the residents had a turn at stirring, rolling, and filling the pies before they were placed in the oven for baking. For many of our residents, these actions would have been very familiar from when they were younger. The baked cherry aroma that came through the facility as a result of the combined efforts of the residents was absolutely mouth watering!

Afterwards, all of the residents involved enjoyed a hot cherry pie with cream, with most going back for seconds! The residents of Paling Court are working on their own recipe booklet, and are especially looking forward to more cooking experiences to share with each other.

Paling Court Baking_5  Paling Court Baking_4  Paling Court Baking_3  Paling Court Baking_2  Paling Court Baking_1


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