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We have recently had the pleasure of receiving a wonderful testimonial from one of our Independent Living Residents, Graham Shelley-Jones.

In full the testimonial reads:

“I applaud the royal commission into aged care, but I plead for a degree of calm as we delve into one of the most emotional areas of our society. As a husband who has had to commit to his wife of 55 years to an aged care facility, I am qualified to offer an opinion. I am delighted to say that she is in the best of places and receiving a very high standard of care. 

I am sure we will uncover horror stories as we dig deeply into various facilities around Australia. But I ask for some thought to be spared for a very large group of nurses and carers who carry out their demanding and challenging duties every day of the week. Their grace, genuine care, and even love for their patients is an absolute joy to behold, and I am so very grateful to them. 

Yes, there are a few rotten eggs, but let’s keep things in perspective as we trawl through the industry and, if possible, let us encourage further improvements for everyone.”

Thank you Graham, for your testimonial!

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