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An afternoon spent baking…

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We already know that music can play such a huge role in reminiscence, but did you know that our sense of smell can also evoke certain memories?

Residents and staff from Paling Court recently spent the afternoon coming together to bake mini cherry pies. All the residents had a turn at stirring, rolling, and filling the pies before they were placed in the oven for baking. For many of our residents, these actions would have been very familiar from when they were younger. The baked cherry aroma that came through the facility as a result of the combined efforts of the residents was absolutely mouth watering!

Afterwards, all of the residents involved enjoyed a hot cherry pie with cream, with most going back for seconds! The residents of Paling Court are working on their own recipe booklet, and are especially looking forward to more cooking experiences to share with each other.

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A Milestone for a true Camdenite!

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For Brenda Weiberle, the internet, email, fast food, and mobile phones weren’t even in existence when she was born in February of 1918. The world was a very different place, with the German Army making their final push on the Western Front of Europe after almost four years of War with the Allied Powers.

On Friday 23 February 2018, Brenda celebrated her 100th Birthday with her friends and family in Mary Mackillop, one of Carrington’s residential care facilities. Raad Richards, Carrington’s Chief Executive and senior staff were also in attendance, and wished Brenda health and happiness for the years ahead. He also presented her with flowers, a cake, and letters containing well wishes from the Queen, the Governor General, and the Prime Minister.

Born and raised in Elderslie, Brenda went to school at Camden Primary, and then travelled first to Liverpool, then Parramatta for high school. Brenda would commute during this time, leaving home at 7.00am to catch the train and often not returning until 7.00pm in the evening.

Upon completing her high school education, Brenda began a three year course in Nursery Schooling at Woolloomooloo, travelling from Camden each day for the entire three years. She was offered a teaching position in Surry Hills after completing her course. Eventually, after a move to North Sydney Prep, Brenda was promoted to Director of the facility.

Brenda lived through the Great Depression, but because of how sufficient the farm that she lived on was, it did not have a great effect on her or her family at the time.

Brenda married Jack Weiberle in 1942. Jack was a sergeant in the army during this time, and both he and Brenda remained in North Sydney until the end of the War. After the War, they moved back to Elderslie. Brenda worked on the family vineyard, growing and sending table grapes to markets in Sydney.

Brenda had two children, John and Julie. Julie unfortunately passed away in 2008. Brenda is much loved by her 5 grandchildren, and 10 great grandchildren- she takes a great interest in each and every one of them.

Some of her fondest memories from the past 100 years include the following:

  • The flooding of the Nepean River, where her father would row a boat across the river into Camden, as the only other way to transport people and mail was via Picton at the time
  • Sulky rides with her mother to visit Camelot for afternoon tea with Miss Faithfull-Anderson
  • Seeing the very first truck come into Camden- where previously it had just been horses and buggies!
  • Being at the opening of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and walking across it when it was opened to the public
  • Seeing the incredible growth of transport over the past century, and seeing the first airplanes land at Camden airport
  • Setting out on countless trips around Australia, and internationally
  • Sailing with her father from Sydney to Broken Bay on the yacht, or just sailing around Sydney harbour

From all of us here at Carrington, Happy Birthday Brenda! Here’s to many more years of good health and happiness.

Brenda celebrating with her family

Brenda celebrating with her family

The incredible cake that Brenda, her family, and other residents all enjoyed

The incredible cake that Brenda, her family, and other residents all enjoyed

Raad Richards, Carrington's Chief Executive

Raad Richards, Carrington’s Chief Executive, reflects on some of the memories and highlights of Brenda’s life so far, and presents her with letters from the Queen, Governor General, and Prime Minister

Brenda with Carrington's Chief Executive, Raad Richards

Brenda with Carrington’s Chief Executive, Raad Richards

Recognition of the efforts of a quiet achiever- Michael Thornton

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Michael Robert Thornton is currently a resident of Paling Court, who has just celebrated his 75th birthday. He received a wonderful surprise recently when a friend visited him to present him with a Certificate from the Kugatsu Judo Club.

Michael was the Foundation President of the Kugatsu Judo Club when it was first established in September 1967. The club held a large celebration recently to recognise 50 years since it’s formation. The certificate was presented to Michael by Robert Moore at a small ceremony at Paling Court. The Kugatsu Judo Club with approximately 12 others, amicably separated from the Samurai Judo Club, and Michael’s efforts and example inspired others to develop the club and promote the club within the community. Ultimately, the club has benefited and influenced hundreds of people throughout the years.

The club has produced Olympic, National, and International representatives, and past and existing members continue to set a positive example for others in Judo, and in life. The foundation members had a powerful influence, and the Kugatsu Judo Club grew and continues to grow today. It is currently the fifth largest Judo Club in NSW. Judo is an absorbing and enjoyable sport. It develops stamina, strength, skill, and agility, and helps to develop many other life skills as well.

Michael has always been a thoughtful and respected member of the community. His approach to education, work, family, and all aspects of life have made him a positive example for others, and an asset to society.

Michael has been presented with a plaque recognising the importance of his efforts in developing the club and promoting the ideals of Judo.

Mike Thornton_Final

Shrove Tuesday Celebrations in Grasmere Terrace

Residents of Grasmere Terrace indulged in cooking pancakes with staff and peers for Shrove Tuesday whilst reminiscing about their own cooking days with the family.

Most of the residents preferred strawberry jam and cream on their pancakes, but we think most of all they got their laughs out of putting gloves and hair nets on for the occasion.

Shrove Tuesday is believed to be a day of celebration as well as penitence, because it’s the last day before Lent.

Lent is a time of abstinence, of giving things up, so Shrove Tuesday is the last chance to indulge and to use up the foods that aren’t allowed in Lent.

The need to eat up the fats gave rise to the French name Mardi Gras; meaning Fat Tuesday. Pancakes became associated with Shrove Tuesday as they were a quick and easy dish that could use up all the eggs, fats and milk in the house with just the addition of flour.

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Grasmere Terrace Resident Mrs Lorna Hoare turns 102!

They say that wisdom comes with age, and this is certainly the case with Mrs Lorna Hoare, one of our Grasmere Terrace residents. Lorna recently celebrated her 102nd Birthday with her closest family and friends.

Born and raised in Abergavenny, Wales, Lorna trained as an art teacher and was happily teaching handicapped children in a school in Norwich when she met Harry at a dance in the summer of 1939. He and Lorna were married on the 6th September, 1939 (three days after the start of the Second World War).

Harry and Lorna moved to Australia in 1951 with their two young children, Rod and Jenny. They settled into the northern suburbs of Sydney. Their family grew by two with the arrival of daughters Mandy and Mindy. The children’s love of horses resulted in the purchase of a small, run down farm in the Picton area. They moved permanently to the Picton district when Harry retired in 1977 after a very interesting career in the construction industry that included being Resident Director and Project Manager of the Sydney Opera House construction.

Lorna became increasingly involved with the local community after settling into their farm, ‘Shingle Hill’, with Harry and the family. Through her interest and hard work, Lorna established an award winning garden, and became engrossed with the setting up of the Picton Garden Club. She served as it’s inaugural President.

After their move to Carrington in 2005, Lorna rediscovered her artistic leanings at the age of 91. She amazed family and friends with a wonderful outpouring of paintings and portrait sketches, many of which currently decorate her room in Grasmere Terrace.

Lorna has always loved being with people, and she always enjoyed being involved in parties and events. A particular highlight in her life was being presented to the Queen at the opening of the Sydney Opera House.

Harry and Lorna were happily married for 72 years. Her family believe that the success of this partnership was in no small part due to Lorna’s indomitable spirit and her boundless sense of humour. Harry passed away at Carrington in 2011 at the age of 97, but he hasn’t left Lorna- he is regularly in her thoughts.

Lorna is admired and adored by her ever growing family- they are all in awe of the very full 102 years of life that she has lived so far.

Happy Birthday Lorna!

Lorna Hore Bday_3  Lorna Hore Bday_2  Lorna Hore Bday_1

Valentines Day Preparations

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The residents of Werombi Court have been hard at work recently, enjoying some Valentines Day themed crafting sessions with our Leisure and Lifestyle team in preparation for the big day next week. They have been very busy painting hearts, and all things romance and love!

Over the next week, the staff at Werombi Court will be hanging up all the beautiful decorations that have been created by the residents. The residents are always very enthusiastic about creating new decorations, and coming up with new ideas on how to display these around the facility.

Pop in to Werombi Court next week to see the result of all their hard work!

Valentines Day Craft 4  Valentines Day Craft 3  Valentines Day Craft 2Werombi Court Valentines Day Craft